Social Signals: Your eSocial Reputation Ranking Factors

It goes without saying that Social Signals are more important now than ever. I’m sure you know that, unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last 2 years or so. And with Google+ becoming a stronger social platform (at least we G+ users wish) and all the new Google’s new social patents and Youtube commenting feature…you should that considering it in your social media SEO strategy.

But What are Social Signals?

Let me share with you my understanding of Social Signals from a Social Media and SEO perspective and based on a tone of hours spent studying Google patents, and more researching, case studies analysis and real life experiments.

Wait, before I do that…First, let me give you a basic definition of Social Signals. Social Signals are an accumulation of social notifications generated by activity streams (+1, votes, mentions, comments etc.) on social data hubs like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Google+, Meetup etc.

From an SEO perspective: it’s a combination of repeted and consistent social notifications (comments, reshares, +1, mentions etc.) that are considered “eSocial Reputation” ranking factors in the eye of the search engines.

So in other words, social signals are created every time a social activity (comment, vote, mention etc.) is performed by our own social profiles or coming from other social profiles that point back to us.

eSocial Reputation Ranking Factor is Born:eSocial Reputation and Social Signals

Now back to sharing with you my personal understanding of Social signals! Well…as backlinks are important ranking factors for SEO, I believe Social Signals are like “eSocial Reputation” ranking factors that passes the eSocial Reputation juice back to our personal social profile (think Author Rank) and thus our web properties (the one linked to on our social profile).

Here is a new equation, that I came up with, to grasp the new Google Algorithm evolution:

eSocial Reputation = SEO + Social Signals

My understanding of the Social Signals above came from a recent Google Patent. In fact, here is one important highlight from the patent’s claims that shows the importance of Social Signals:

4. The computer-implemented method of claim 3, wherein searching comments provided by the users of the social networking platform to determine if they are relevant to the news story comprises searching for one or more keywords in the comments provided by the users of the social networking platform, wherein the one or more keywords are related to the news story.

7. The computer-implemented method of claim 3, wherein the filtering is done by filtering the comments for a specified number of most recently received comments relevant to the news story.

8. The computer-implemented method of claim 3, wherein the filtering is done by filtering the comments by a source of the comments.

9. The computer-implemented method of claim 8, wherein the source is a member of the user’s social networking groups.

As it’s so evident from the main highlights above…Google is looking at our social activities and including them in the Ranking Algorithm.

Back to the Above Equation and Google:

it seems logical to think that the more positive your “eSocial Reputation” is…the higher your profile and website will rank on the search engines’ results pages!

eSocial Reputation = SEO + Social Signals ==> Higher Ranking

So, if not done already…put in place a Digital Marketing Strategy that incorporate publishing quality content, positive social commenting, re-shares of posts and use of mentions as Social Signals for your Personal and/or Business Brand.

You can read more about Google SEO patent on this page.


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What are your thoughts on the future of Social Signals in SEO? Share your comment below…


Written by Amel Mehenaoui

I’m an Internet Marketing Strategist who focus on sharing effective website traffic & Conversion optimization strategies like SEO, Video Marketing, Social Media, etc. with businesses & entrepreneurs to help them market their business online and generate more profit.

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    • Amel Mehenaoui Reply

      Hello John,

      Well, to make my answer simple I would say that the social links are not backlinks but signals.

      Why don’t I concider them backlinks? because we can’t really create an anchor text when linking from Social Media (at least for now).

      So they just play a powerful social SEO signals that hel build over time your site’s authority in the eye of Search Engines.

      John, feel free to connect with my on Twitter to continue the conversation!

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